Menstrual Man

Mon. Apr. 22, 2013 —  4:30pm

Only one in ten menstruating women in India use sanitary pads.
Amit Virmani is determined to change that fact.

Amit Virmani’s debut, “Cowboys in Paradise”, was one of the
most talked-about Asian documentaries in recent years. The
controversial film was featured on CNN, BBC and various
international media, and is regarded as a valuable counterpoint
to “Eat, Pray, Love”. It has been broadcast in over 100
countries. Amit is a graduate of Southwestern University,
Texas, where he was honored with the Feminist Voices
Award. He is currently developing the psychological thriller
“Night”, a Mumbai-Singapore co-production. Amit lives in
Singapore, but will be joining us to watch his second film,
“Menstrual Man.”

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When: Mon. Apr. 22, 2013 —  4:30pm
Admission: Free
Location: 4S – 217
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island
Phone: 718–982–2000