New Faculty | 2013

Francisco Salgado-Robles

World Languages and Literature

Francisco Salgado-Robles received his Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics from The University of Florida. His investigation resides at the intersection of Second Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistics. He contributes to existing research by examining the effects of different learning contexts (i.e., traditional classroom, study-abroad, bilingual immersion, community service, and web 2.0 technology settings) in the development of L2 Spanish sociolinguistic competence. Besides addressing issues related to the impact of the context on second language learning, his scholarly and teaching interests span a continuum from the applied to the theoretical, from empirical research to teacher training. Before joining CSI, Dr. Salgado-Robles held a faculty position in Spanish Linguistics at The University of Kentucky, where he served as the Coordinator of the Spanish Language and Spanish for the Professions programs, supervised and led study-abroad programs in Spanish-speaking countries, and directed the Foreign Language & International Economics (FLIE) program.