College of Staten Island President Tomás D. Morales was honored at the Seventh Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and Scholarship Gala at the United Nations on November 10.

The Latino Trendsetter Award was created by Defining Trends Media Group, to celebrate the growth, leadership and diversity of the Latino community in the United States, and to award scholarships to Hispanic students who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Its vision is to inspire a new generation of influencers and lifestyle conscious trendsetters, by understanding diversity, discovering emerging leaders, defining trends and celebrating Latino culture.

The award recognizes “leaders, trendsetters that represent the highest of standards, people on the move, making things happen and defining the elements of the US Latino experience. They also serve as important role models for our youth; they are visible and active in their community and have made a positive impact on the Latino culture. Finally, a Latino trendsetter transcends boundaries and defines trends that influence both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic culture. They are innovative, courageous, motivated, have vision and they care,” according to the Defining Trends Media Group Website.

President Morales was honored at the 7th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and Scholarship Gala.