The City University of New York’s Campaign for voluntary Charitable Giving celebrates 25 years of collecting contributions from faculty and staff to help people in need both locally and worldwide. This year’s theme is “Partnering for Change to Make a Difference.”

College employees recently received a package about the CUNY campaign that includes a pledge form to benefit more than 1,000 organizations on either a one-time basis or through a payroll deduction plan.

Participants can contribute to the CSI Foundation Scholarship Fund by noting the code “1618” on their pledge form.

“I am hopeful that CSI faculty and staff will do as much as they can for the Campaign, especially in light of the fact there are more people in need this year, due to the economic downturn,” said College of Staten Island President Tomás Morales.

CSI raised $25,000 during last year’s campaign. The majority of the funds directly benefited the College and charitable organizations on the Island.

In recognition of the current economic difficulties, the College hopes to raise the same amount this year, instead of setting a more ambitious goal.

For more information on the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving and how to make a donation, call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 718.982.2365.