The CLUE News program is preparing for itsfinal edition of the spring semester and our summer editions.  Our plan is to produce one more CLUE News for the month of May and two editions during the summer.  If you are planning any programs or events that would be appropriate for CLUE certification between Sunday, May 17 and Sunday, May 31 please send proposals our way by Tuesday, May 12 at noon. 

For the summer, please submit a CLUE Event Proposal form by the following dates:

Programs/Events for June and July – we need proposal by noon on Tuesday, May 26.

Programs/Events for August – we need proposal by noon on Monday, July 27.

Click Here to download a CLUE Event Proposal form. Upon completing the proposal, either fax or mail it to our office.  You can also pick up a proposal form at our office or call us and we will fax or mail one to you.  Our fax number is 718.982.2599 and our office is located in Building 2A, Room 208.  Once we receive your proposal and certify it, we will send you a CLUE attendance sheet. We ask that you ensure that all participants at your program sign the sheet.  The attendance sheet needs to be returned to our office within 48 hours of your event to ensure CLUE credit for the students and can be faxed, mailed, or delivered.

If you are not sure if your program or event is a CLUE,  please contact us at 718.982.2529.

 Take advantage of this opportunity to share your interesting and informative events with the whole College community.