There will be a scheduled electrical power shutdown on Sunday, July 26, 2009. The shutdown is necessary to provide preventative maintenance to CSI’s electrical substation. The shutdown will take place between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

Emergency power will be available to all buildings during the shutdown. Building 6S will have emergency power and power to specified lab areas, which will allow research equipment to function during the shutdown.

We do not expect any interruption in service for CSI’s Website and email. The campus’s phone service will be operational. The Office of Information Technology recommends that all computer equipment, including printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. be shut down and turned off at the power strip prior to the shutdown. It’s also a good time to defrost refrigerators.

 Please contact Jim Pepe at 718.982.3210 or for any questions. Also, please share this information with colleagues and students within your area.

Thank you for your patience while the Buildings and Grounds staff performs this phase of preventative maintenance on CSI’s substation.