CUNY is pleased to offer its employees a new benefit to help balance personal and professional responsibilities.  The CUNY Work/Life Program is a voluntary, confidential, and free program that offers a wide range of information and support to employees and their families.  It includes traditional counseling for stress, family problems, and substance abuse, as well as many additional services such as referrals for child and elder care, financial services to help with budgeting, referrals for legal services, and much more.  These and other services are available to all CUNY employees and their families free of charge by simply calling 800.833.8707 for a consultation.  A work/life counselor will assess your needs and clarify your options, so that you or your family member can make informed choices.

The University is offering this new program through Corporate Counseling Associates, Inc.(CCA). CUNY pays the entire cost, so you and your family can speak with a counselor, access information, and use any of the services without paying a fee.  However, if you require a referral outside of the program for specialized assistance or long-term counseling, there may be a charge for those services.  Please be assured that all employee contact with the program is strictly confidential, and no one at CUNY will ever know that you or a member of your family called or met with a work/life counselor.

Click Here to see the program’s Website.   CCA’s team of experienced, professional work/life counselors are available 24/7.  Please be sure to take advantage of this valuable benefit.