In order to build up a picture of current commuting behavior at the College of Staten Island we are inviting you to take part in a short online survey that asks you to tell us about how, when, and how often you travel to campus.

The long-term objective of this survey is to improve the commutes of CUNY students, staff, and faculty to and from each of our CUNY campuses.

Information from this survey will also benefit the CUNY community by providing data for transportation improvement strategies. It is hoped that this data can be used to develop more sustainable transportation options for the CUNY campuses and thus reduce CUNY’s carbon footprint.

Please Click Here and take five minutes to complete the survey.

This survey is entirely voluntary and confidential and has been designed so that your individual answers remain anonymous. Furthermore, it has been assessed and approved by CUNY’s Institutional Review Board, which scrutinizes all such surveys in accordance with strict guidelines on questioning private individuals.

Thank you in advance for considering taking this survey and for the helpful contribution your answers will make toward CUNY’s ongoing efforts to develop sustainable transportation and commuting options.