The Pluralism and Diversity program will, once again, host the Tunnel of Oppression on Thursday, Nov. 12 in the Campus Center (Building 1C) West Dining Room and Green Dolphin Lounge from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

The Tunnel of Oppression is not a haunted house or amusement park ride.  It is a multisensory experience designed to increase awareness and sensitivity to various types of oppression and create an understanding of the effect and organization of oppression. This is accomplished through passive, theatrical, and interactive approaches presented to elicit dialogue and promote social change throughout the campus community.  The scenarios and images boldly present various forms of social injustice. Overall, we hope this program will contribute to the ongoing promotion of a campus-wide commitment toward diversity, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

The walk-through takes about 45 minutes and is a free, Double-CLUE-certified event.  Each participant will receive a diversity booklet.