I would like to thank the College community for their cooperation in complying with the New York State Power Down Technology Policy. Click Here to view the policy. In 2003, CSI was the leader in CUNY in implementing a campus-wide power down strategy.

A recent directive for the New York State Office of Tax Payers Accountability has prompted us to review the equipment on campus and ensure compliance with the New York State Power Down Technology Policy directive. Since most of the technology on campus has power management implemented, for most computer users there is nothing to be done; however, for some users whose computers or printers do not currently have power management implemented, we ask your cooperation in facilitating the installation of power management software on your computer. Staff from the Office of Information Technology will be in touch with you if a College computer assigned for your use requires review and possible power management software implementation.

If you have any questions, please call the OIT HelpDesk at 718.982.2348 or send an email to helpdesk@csi.cuny.edu.

Many thanks again to the Campus Community for your support of a greener campus and commitment to providing energy savings in this time of a tight New York state budget.