As you all know, on January 12, 2010 Haiti was rocked by the worst earthquake in 200 years. The island nation and its people have been devastated by this horrific disaster. Haiti needs all the help we can give. CUNY and the College of Staten Island community have always been generous in providing for those in need. Haiti will need assistance now and for many years to come.

The CSI Disaster Relief Committee is busy working on ways in which the campus community can offer their help to Haiti. Here are just some of the ways you can participate in these efforts:

-Please read the President’s message , which contains links to reputable organizations to which you can donate.
-Collection canisters have been placed at the registers in the Cafeteria and Bookstore in the Campus Center (Building 1C), the Cyber Café in the Library (Building 1L).
-The Student Government is currently fundraising at a table in the Campus Center.
-CSI staff members, who have volunteered to help, will be going around to the offices and departments collecting donations.
-On Thursday, April, 29, we will be holding a “White Elephant Sale” (think yard sale) to raise funds. More information will be coming with regard to this event as we get closer to the date.
-The Multifaith Center and the Disaster Relief Committee are sponsoring a program, “Healing for Haiti,” to help heal, reflect, and renew the spirit of the campus on Thursday, Feb. 11 in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Recital Hall at 2:00 pm.

Haiti has a long road of healing and renewal ahead. Let’s make sure that CSI helps on that journey.

Thank you for all your help.