The College of Staten Island has partnered with Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS), giving all CSI students access to various online resources that can help them prepare for various graduate entrance exams, including the MCAT, LSAT, DAT, GRE, and GMAT. Students can also research graduate programs and related opportunities.

Geoff Hempill, PhD, Coordinator of Scholarships and Fellowships at CSI says, “In order to apply to most programs, students need to take one of various assessment tests, which are intended to determine the students’ relative readiness for graduate studies. Unfortunately, when preparing for these exams, students are often on their own. They can spend a small fortune on a Kaplan or Princeton Review course, most of which focus on basic test-taking strategies, or they can try to cobble together a study group of their peers. Frequently, they must rely on outdated materials and copies of exams from years earlier, and they do not receive much useful feedback on how to use their preparation time and/or effort more effectively.” The resources, available through HETS, provide useful and up-to-date information to help students prepare more efficiently for these assessment tests, as well as for several professional licensing exams, such as the NCLEX.

To learn more about online resources, such as HETS, please visit the College of Staten Career and Scholarship Center Website or contact Dr. Geoffrey Hempill, Scholarship and Fellowship Coordinator, at 718.982.2301.