As you are probably already aware, the State has imposed a furlough that will include employees of the senior colleges of CUNY. CSI is therefore scheduled for a furlough day on Friday, May 21, 2010. In this connection, we ask for your cooperation in complying with this recent legislation.

All final exams for Friday, May 21 are proceeding as scheduled. All faculty and staff administering exams that day are expected to be on campus–they must be furloughed on another day during the week of May 17- May 23 on which they do not have such assignments.

For more detailed information, please see the memo from CUNY that addresses:

-employees covered in the furlough (units and titles)
-other considerations

Additionally, the State-imposed furlough is being challenged in court.

As new information becomes available I will keep you updated via email and the Web.

-Tomás D. Morales, PhD