Thank you for your patience during the discovery and repair phases of the two campus emergencies that we described in an earlier communique. As of this writing we are pleased to advise the campus community that both emergencies have been discovered and are at various stages of repair.

We have discovered the leak in the heating pipe serving Building 1C. We are awaiting the arrival of new heating pipe. We anticipate the repair to the heating pipe to be completed by late today and heat to return to 1C. We will complete the restoration of the site late next week or into the early portion of the following week.

We have discovered the leak and completed repairs in the drinking water line that is below the sidewalk on the west side of the Tennis Bubble. We have begun restoring the site and will complete its restoration late next week or into the early paortion of the following week.

Please call or email me if you have any questions, Jim Pepe, 718.982.3210 or

-Jim Pepe