If you are a CSI student: How would you like to work for a summer in a public relations firm? In community development in Africa? For a New York State judge? At a social services agency helping children? At a Fortune 500 company? At a museum in Italy? At an international non-profit organization? 

These and similar internship placements are available to students through the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship. The Watson Fellowship offers students paid internships for three consecutive summers. Internships are available in several areas of interest, including education, the arts, public policy, private enterprise, and social work. Through these placements, students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills, acquire experience in their chosen fields, explore possible career trajectories, network with professionals in their fields, and prepare for graduate school. To be eligible, applicants must be freshmen or sophomores, not older than 25 years old, and U.S. citizens/green card holders. 

For further information, or to submit a completed application, please contact Dr. Geoff Hempill in the Career and Scholarship Center (Building 1A, Room 105), or contact us at 718.982.2300. Further information and a downloadable application are also available online.