When we last wrote to you concerning the College’s Strategic Planning Process, we shared with you an important milestone-–the finalization of the College’s new Mission, Vision, Values Statements, and Strategic Directions. We also advised you that the Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) would begin the next stage of the process by forming Strategic Direction Committees that would be charged with providing information that the College will need in order to determine how to implement the goals and steps associated with each of the six new Strategic Directions. 

Over 90 individuals (faculty, staff, and students) were selected by the IPC from a campus-wide nomination process to serve on the Strategic Direction Committees. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the IPC held an initial group orientation for all committee members at which time they were provided with information concerning the Strategic Planning Process to date, their respective charges, and the task ahead.  

Each Strategic Direction Committee has organized Research Teams to address the specific areas of action identified under each Strategic Direction. These Research Teams are currently gathering information concerning policies, procedures, processes, resources, and support associated with these action items in order to develop recommendations for the IPC to review. The Teams are in the process of completing initial drafts of reports. 

In keeping with the transparent, collaborative, and inclusive process the IPC has conducted to date, the College’s Strategic Planning Webpage has been updated to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on all of the Research Teams and their respective research areas.  You may access the Webpage by Clicking Here.   The IPC encourages you to contact members of the various Research Teams to provide input, and to also visit our discussion board to contribute to the discourse and make suggestions concerning the work of the Strategic Direction Committees.     

We will keep you advised of our progress, and we thank you for your continued support of the work of the IPC.