As we approach the final examinations period, I would like to remind everyone that CSI Library Building 1L) is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming and comfortable for its users, but also one that is conducive to individual study as well as group study. The policy we have in place to accommodate the variety of study preferences is as follows:

1. The Third Floor is a designated Silent Zone for users requiring absolute silence. Users are asked to refrain completely from conversations (including cell phones). Group study is not allowed. Although there are computers available for student use, printers are purposely not available in support of the noise-free environment.

2. The Second Floor is a designated Quiet Zone, where conversations are allowed as long as voices are kept low.  Group Study rooms are also available, equipped with whiteboards, accommodating up to six individuals. Keys to these rooms can be checked out at the Document Center Desk on a first-come first-served basis, for a maximum of two hours at a time.

3. The First Floor includes the Reference Reading Room, which is designed with very high ceilings to absorb noise.  Quiet talking is permitted and the large study tables, which may attract larger groups of students. However, whenever possible, highly interactive groups should attempt to use one of the five Group Study rooms on the Second Floor.

Users entering the Library building with a cell phone, pager, or similar electronic device are encouraged to turn these devices off, or set them to a non-audible signal (flashing light, vibration, etc.). Those wishing to speak on a cell phone should proceed to a non-study area within the building, such as the lobby or the Cybercafé.

Violations of this policy will result in a warning by Library staff members or Public Safety Officers. Users who refuse to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the building.

Thank you for your cooperation.