Elementary school students and teachers will benefit from the new textbook written by CSI faculty members Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya and Dr. Judit Kerekes.

Professors at the College of Staten Island are leaders in their fields. One way to further their research and solidify this position is through the publication of new text books dedicated to helping teachers approach old issues with new teaching solutions.

No textbook does this more directly than Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya and Dr. Judit Kerekes’ recently published textbook entitled, Teaching Mathematics and Science in Elementary School: A Technology-Based Approach (Whittier Books, 2010).

One unique feature of the book is that each chapter starts with a real-life scenario and/or story written by CSI pre-service teachers as reflections of their first encounter with teaching in the classroom.

“The book looks at issues that teachers face in the classroom from the perspective of teacher candidates,” said Dr. Lyublinskaya.

The book focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of elementary education and need for developing connections between various subject areas, especially in mathematics and science. The authors suggest that teachers have more resources available through technology than ever before, but have not received sufficient training in the effective use of technology to enhance learning. The textbook uses a technology-based approach to improve the preparation of new elementary school teachers in the use of technology.

Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya is Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science Education at CSI. She received a PhD in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics in 1991 from Leningrad State University and has published substantially in that field. She has taught at the university and high school level for over 25 years and has published multiple articles and 14 books about the teaching of mathematics and science education.

Dr. Judit Kerekes is Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at CSI. She received her EdD in Education in 1990 from Eotvos University in Hungary and has taught university- and high school-level mathematics, physics, and pedagogy for over 25 years. In addition to co-authoring this book, Dr. Kerekes’s publications include many research articles.

“Dr. Lyublinskaya and Kerekes have been dedicated teacher-mentors for more than two decades. Their records of teaching and scholarship have demonstrated outstanding expertise in the field of Teacher Education,” commented David Bloomfield, Chair of the Education Department at CSI. “Congratulations to them as they continue to bring acclaim to the College and push our discipline into the electronic age.”