I write to urge you to take a moment to visit www.supportcuny.org. The 2011-2012 New York State Executive Budget is currently under review by the New York State Legislature. We need your help now to communicate to State legislators the importance of investing in public higher education. Chancellor Matthew Goldstein noted in his recent statement on the Executive Budget that “The University recognizes that State officials are diligently endeavoring to meet the fiscal challenges associated with the current budget deficit. At the same time, record breaking numbers of students are seeking higher education opportunity at CUNY so that they may compete effectively for careers in an unforgiving economy and increasingly international marketplace.” He further noted the importance of maintaining high quality and accessibility to educational opportunities that CUNY represents to hundreds of thousands of families.

CUNY is facing a proposed reduction of $83.2 million in senior college operating aid and a reduction of $12 million in community college base aid, adding to earlier budget reductions linked to the State’s fiscal situation. The University supports a rational tuition policy that avoids the current system of excessive tuition increases imposed from time to time by the State in difficult economic times. CUNY also supports the provision of financial aid to help needy students meet the costs of attending college and capital construction to help further modernize University facilities.

Please contact legislators today to express your views while the budget process is under way. Just visit www.supportcuny.org or click on a letter below. State government leaders plan to decide on revenue targets and available funds by Saturday, March 5 and pass the budget by Friday, Apr. 1, 2011. Unless your elected officials hear from you soon, they will pay attention to others who take the time to contact them. The time to communicate is now.

Thank you for help and support. Please choose a letter below to send to your representatives in the New York State Legislature.

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