I am pleased to announce that the College’s receipt of a grant of up to $300,000 from the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation to support the Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund. This fund was created for the purpose of providing quick response grants to matriculated CSI students with short-term financial emergencies to enable them to remain in school, rather than being forced to take a leave of absence or drop out.

Students who demonstrate need and are facing a current unexpected emergency may apply for this grant. All grants are subject to approval with documentation and verification to support the application. Examples of emergencies to be considered include, but are not limited to: uninsured medical bills, travel home for illness or death in the family, theft of books or other essential academic belongings, temporary job loss, etc. The maximum cash award amount is $1,500 Only in extraordinary circumstances, and with appropriate documentation, will an award exceed $1,500.

Applicants are required to meet with a counselor to assess the merits of the emergency grant request. The Emergency Assistance Committee of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Financial Aid, and other student services offices will review applications and make recommendations. Final approval rests with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Questions may be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, (Building 1A, Room 301; 718.982.2335).

Visit the Petrie Grant Web site for full guidelines and other relevant information.  An application may be downloaded from that site, as well. Applications are also available in the offices listed below.

Petrie Student Emergency Assistance Committee Members:

  • Dr. A. Ramona Brown, Chairperson
  • Dean Frederick J. Kogut, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Donna Brogna, Financial Aid, 2A-401C
  • Ms. Carol Brower, Student Life, 1C-201
  • Ms. Linda Conte, Health and Wellness Services, 1C-112
  • Ms. Debra Evans-Green, Access and Success Program, 1A-310
  • Ms. Stefanie Gardiner, Financial Aid, 2A-401C
  • Ms. Harriet Giapoutzis, COPE, 1A-109A
  • Mr. Philippe Marius, Financial Aid, 2A-401C
  • Ms. Miriam Perez-Lai, SEEK Program, 1A-112G