The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at CSI is pleased to announce our first WAC/WID Faculty Roundtable for Spring 2011 entitled “Student Grammar Problems Across the Curriculum: What to Do?” on Thursday, March 17 in Building 2S, Room 217 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Many of us, even those of us teaching in the English Department, wonder how to address our students’ grammar problems in their writing even though our course does not deal with grammar as a subject. Should we correct the grammar? How does it affect the grade of the student? What can we do to help students improve their grammar issues and finally get rid of some of the recurring problems in their writing? In this roundtable discussion we will showcase some of the ways in which the WAC/WID program has helped professors across the curriculum to address student grammar problems, mostly by giving students new methods of solving these problems themselves.

Two teams of WAC writing fellows and WAC faculty–writing fellow Marisa Lerer and Business professor Alan Zimmerman, and writing fellow Nichole Stanford and Early Childhood Education professor Helen Robinson–will showcase how they addressed grammar problems in their classes. Please come and join us for a discussion of teaching grammar across the curriculum.

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