The World on Wednesday lecture series presents a full schedule for the fall.  The first presentation is on Wednesday, Oct.  5.  All events are held in teh Campus Center (Building 1C) from 12:20pm to 1:10pm.  

 The fall 2011 schedule is as follows:

Oct. 5:  “Spanglish and Bilingualism in the United States,”  Jill Jegerski, Modern Languages. Prof. Jegerski will speak with us about the use of “Spanglish.”  Spanglish is often subject to harsh criticism, perhaps because of a widespread lack of knowledge regarding bilingualism and other language contact phenomena.  This presentation will first examine Spanglish from a linguistic perspective, and then will demonstrate the inaccuracy of most of the common assumptions regarding Spanglish, including that its use reflects inferior language ability and that it is a new language that threatens to displace English or Spanish.  Finally, there will be a brief review of evidence suggesting that immersion experience abroad is a primary factor in determining bilingual language ability among Spanish speakers in the U.S.

 Oct. 12: “Wonderful Italy,”  Tracey Jones, Performing and Creative Arts 

Oct. 19: “Learning About the United States and Foreign Affairs ,” Rachel De Bruin, CSI student from Sri Lanka studying biology; Mellanie Garcia, CSI graduate student from Mexico studying business; Enid Hoxha, CSI student from Albania studying accounting; Kyle Jeremiah, CSI student from Trinidad and Tobago studying international studies; and Amber Yao, CSI student from China studying international business 

Oct. 26: “Returned Student Panel – Studying Abroad in Italy,” Christopher Tingue, Center for International Service           

Nov. 2:  “U.S. Foreign Policy: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll,” Consul General Thomas Armbruster, CUNY Diplomat-in-Residence 

Nov. 9:  “A Meeting of Minds “Creating a New Program between CSI and Vietnam,” Zhanyang Zhang, Computer Science 

Nov. 16: What Can India Teach China? A Chinese Reflection upon India,” Ming Xia, Political Science

Nov. 30: “Sustainability in the Netherlands,” Erica Blatt, Department of Education 

Dec. 7: “Scotland through the Eyes of the Early Geologists,” Jane Alexander, Engineering Science and Physics 

The World on Wednesday (WOW) is seeking faculty, staff, and outside experts for the spring 2012 to talk to the CSI community about ideas and experiences that lead to an increased awareness of global issues. WOW is especially intended to inspire students to want to learn more about the world during their time at CSI. Discussions in the series serve to introduce and encourage students to participate in the wide range of study abroad programs available to them through the Center for International Service.  

This series is sponsored by the Center for International Service, and is approved for a CC CLUE credit.

If you wish to participate or to suggest another speaker, please contact Winnie Brophy at 718.982.2100, Center for International Service in Building 2A, Room 206, or email her at