Every year, the College of Staten Island participates in the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving/United Way. Your generous support to help those in need throughout the years is so very important and appreciated.

This year, gifts to the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving/United Way may be made online on the Campaign Website. Campaign Coordinators this year are Vice President Barbara Eshoo and Susan Been in the Office of Institutional Advancement. If you have any questions, you may contact Susan Been at 718.982.2365.

Once again, there is a core of dedicated Building Captains, who work at CSI and who will be asking CSI employees for contributions to this Campaign. I hope that you will be able to say “yes” to their request. The CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving provides support and assistance to the homeless and the elderly; organizations for neglected and abused children; teens, who are at risk of dropping out of school; senior centers; child daycare centers; after-school programs; and numerous non-profits within our community.  

Through your United Way gift, you can also provide direct support to our students at CSI. You may designate your gift to the CSI Foundation by indicating code “1618” on your pledge form. Your contribution, whether large or small, directly enables scholarship support and emergency funds for CSI students in need.

Please note that our campus contributions do make a difference.

Last year, CSI staff and faculty donated a total of $20,004 to the CUNY Campaign. This effort brought the College of Staten Island special recognition from CUNY and the United Way in two categories: the Goal Buster award and the Extra Mile award. This year, our campus goal is $25,000.

If you have supported the Campaign in the past, thank you and please consider a gift again this year. For those who have not made a donation in the past, please consider joining your colleagues and me in support of CSI and the CUNY Campaign. 

Thank you so very much for your continued dedication to our College and to the community.