In order to better accommodate students preparing for final examinations, the Library Building 1L) is extending its hours of operation from Monday, Dec. 12 to Monday, Dec.19.  During this period the Library will be open the following hours: 

Monday, Dec. 12            8:00am to 2:00am
Tuesday, Dec, 13            8:00am to 2:00am
Wednesday, Dec. 14       8:00am to 4:00am
Thursday, Dec. 15           8:00am to 4:00am
Friday, Dec. 16                8:00am to midnight
Saturday, Dec. 17            8:00am to midnight
Sunday, Dec. 18              8:00am to 4:00am
Monday, Dec. 19            8:00am to 4:00am
Tuesday, Dec. 20            8:00am to midnight
Wednesday, Dec. 21       8:00am to midnight
Thursday, Dec. 22           8:00am to 9:00pm

From midnight onward, only current CSI and CUNY students with valid identification cards will be allowed in the building.