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The 2012-13 New York State Executive Budget for CUNY is currently under review by the State Legislature. Time is of the essence. This year the Legislature has accelerated the budget timetable. Budget conference committees will be starting early and the Legislature is aiming to finish passage of the budget one week prior to the April 1st deadline. We need your help now to seek improvements to the budget for CUNY.

We are asking for additional support, consistent with record student enrollment increases and the importance of maintaining and enhancing the quality of education and student services. CUNY is seeking a community college base aid increase this year of at least $100 per full-time equivalent (FTE )student. Over the past four years base aid has been reduced by over 20% or $553 per FTE.
We need to expand the highly successful ASAP program to all associate degree programs. ASAP graduation rates have soared. Such an investment is the key to a productive, well-educated State and City workforce.

The University is requesting capital construction and renovation funds to continue creating modern and safe classrooms and laboratories at the senior and community colleges to replace antiquated facilities. This will help stimulate economic development, promote job growth, and meet today’s educational technology standards.
We need to restore funding at all colleges for disabled students, childcare, and related student support. Improved student services are essential to higher retention and ultimately graduation.
Please contact state legislators now. Visit You can easily send letters to many legislators by utilizing those drafted to assist you or by sending your own. Thank you very much for your help.

Please choose one of the following letters to send to New York State legislators. Please act today.

Student Letter
Community College Student Letter
Community College Base Aid Letter
Faculty and Staff Letter
Parent Letter
Alumni Letter
Child Care Letter
LEADS Letter

Jay Hershenson
Sr. Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Board Secretary