It is with pleasure that I announce that CSI will host the next Council on Undergraduate Education Conference.Toward that end, we encourage you to submit proposals on your own projects that enhance undergraduate education. Please see the conference RFP below for further details and a link to the conference Website. If you are interested in seeing what your CUNY colleagues have presented at the conference last year,  you may want to review last year’s conference program, which is available online.  

Eighth Annual CUE Conference Announcement and RFP 

Ideally, undergraduate education should be a transformative experience for students. Research suggests that high-impact pedagogies (such as writing across the curriculum, undergraduate research, learning communities, and study abroad) enhance an undergraduate student’s overall engagement and, consequently, their chances for success. Among the positive results that are associated with high-impact practices are higher rates of student-faculty interaction, deeper approaches to learning, enhanced critical thinking ability, improved writing skills, greater appreciation for diversity, and persistence. Collaborations between academic and student affairs, experiences with community-based partners, and collaborative programming across units also enhance transformational learning.

This year’s CUE conference features strategies that promote transformational learning.  Join us as we celebrate a CUNYVerse of Innovations that can be replicated on your own campus on Friday, May 11 at the College of Staten Island from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

This year’s conference will highlight an expanded focus on undergraduate education. Of particular interest are innovative and/or successful approaches that:

  • Expand high-impact practices (e.g., learning communities, undergraduate research, writing-intensive courses, service learning, study abroad, and internships)
  • Enhance the First-Year Experience
  • Internationalize the curriculum
  • Expand the use of effective teaching/learning technologies
  • Integrate co- and extra-curricular activities and/or partnerships with Student Affairs
  • Implement innovative faculty development programs and improve pedagogy
  • Increase retention and graduation rates
  • Promote mastery of outcomes in developmental education
  • Improve outcomes in gateway and other targeted courses (e.g., STEM)
  • Enhance assessment practices
  • Improve academic advisement

Proposals on other topics of interest will also be accepted. Please submit your proposal through the Conference Website no later than Friday, Mar. 23, 2012.

A registration form is also available on the Conference Website

For further information, contact Deborah Vess, PhD, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Programs, CUNY-The College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, New York 10314;;  718.982.2558; fax: 718.982.2671.