Join the celebration as Staten Island becomes “Staten Ireland” on Thursday, Mar. 15, a commemoration day for Irish Heritage Month at the College of Staten Island.

At 1:30pm, students, faculty, and staff are invited to join bagpiper Joe Clark as he plays the pipes and walks along the Alumni Walk* from the Campus Center (Building 1C) to the Center for the Arts (Building 1P).

The celebration continues in the Center for the Arts Lecture Hall. Joe Clark’s lively bagpipe music will continue, followed by legendary flute and tin whistle player Linda Hickman, who has performed at the White House for President Clinton and as part of the Smithsonian Celebration for the inauguration of President Obama.

Following the Irish music, the Curator of History at the Staten Island Museum, Patricia Salmon, will speak about the Irish history of Staten Island, the Quarantine Stations of Staten Island, the Draft Riots of 1863, Irish immigration, and notable Irish politicians.  

This PG and a CC CLUE event is sponsored by the Pluralism and Diversity Committee.

*In case of inclement weather, the event will start in the Center for the Arts Lecture Hall.