Saadyah Averick studied at CSI under Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Krishnaswami Raja, who once called him “the best undergraduate researcher I have encountered in my career as a scientist,” adding that “he is full of creative ideas, which are workable, and is passionate about chemistry, a rare trait in an undergraduate.”
A self-described “science kid,” Averick began majoring in Biology at CSI with the hope of becoming a doctor. However, Dr. Raja’s General Chemistry 1 course, and the research opportunities afforded to him in Dr. Raja’s lab, helped him to switch to Chemistry.

Averick is now a third-year doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) studying under Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski. “My tenure at CMU has thus far been fruitful and I have published five papers in peer-reviewed journals (with more in review),” he notes. “My research at CMU focuses on the preparation of polymer-based drug delivery systems.”

Looking back at his time at CSI, Averick says that “at CSI I was given a chance to conduct excellent research that prepared me to conduct independent research at CMU. Also, the education I received at CSI was excellent and prepared me to think on my feet at CMU.”

As for Averick’s future plans, he says that after he completes his studies at CMU, “I plan to start post-doctoral studies in the design and delivery of biological therapeutics. I eventually desire to become a professor so that I can teach and mentor to provide others the opportunities afforded to me.”