We invite the College community to an invited lecture by Mark Ebersole of NVIDIA Corporation on Thursday, Feb. 14 in Building 1N, Room 111 at noon.

Modern GPUs have grown past their graphics heritage and evolved into the world’s most successful parallel computing architecture. The introduction of this talk will briefly cover where the GPU came from and how it turned into this processing powerhouse. Next, we will quickly cover the various methods used for programming for acceleration on GPUs. Finally, we will take a deeper dive into the model used to directly access this computational power using the CUDA C programming language.

As CUDA Educator at NVIDIA, Mark Ebersole teaches developers the benefits of GPU computing using the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model. With more than ten years of experience as a systems programmer, Mark has spent much of his time at NVIDIA as a GPU systems diagnostics programmer in which he developed a tool to test, debug, validate, and verify GPUs from pre-emulation through bring up and into production. Before joining NVIDIA, he worked at IBM developing Linux drivers for the IBM iSeries server. Mark holds a BS degree in Math and Computer Science from St. Cloud State University.

This CLUE-certified event is sponsored by The Computer Science Department Colloquium series, the Computer Science Club, and the CUNY Interdisciplinary High-Performance Computing Center.