As we approach the end of the spring semester and I near completion of my first year as Provost I felt it is worthwhile to summarize my perception of the current State of CSI from an academic perspective. To start this has been a year of much progress in the Academic Affairs area. We have become a doctorate-granting institution. We took initial steps towards the largest restructuring of this College since the merger in 1976 by creating two new schools and several new departments. Dealing with the intricacies of Pathways and the controversy surrounding it was extremely challenging. Nevertheless, I believe that the campus community has responded with a civil and thoughtful discussion of this issue. Most importantly, every CSI course sent to CUNY was developed by the faculty and went through departmental, college Undergraduate Curriculum committee and General Education committee reviews. Due to the Faculty Senate Moratorium on Pathways, the CSI Faculty Senate did not consider Pathways courses. I am gratified by the fact that the Faculty Senate
did approve changes in programs, which were necessary for our students to register in the fall and for them to receive financial aid. As I did in the fall 2012, I will construct this message as answers to a series of questions posed to me by a fictitious Professor Fred Naider as the representative of the AREC review structure of our College.

Read the entire Message from the Provost online [PDF].