It is with sorrow that we announce to the College community the passing of Michael Greenberg, retired Professor of History. He died yesterday, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 following several years of suffering the effects of a serious stroke and other ailments.  He joined Richmond College in 1970 as a specialist in colonial U.S. history and while at the College, pursued and completed an MBA.  His specialty in economic history was a major contribution to the development of a broad and thoughtful major. Following the creation of CSI in 1975-1976,  he worked diligently to support the new History Department and later, served as its Chair up to his retirement. 

No ceremonies or memorials are planned according to his widow  Barbara Weill-Greenberg, but the family asks people to make donations to charities working for peace and justice. 

The College sends it sympathy to the Greenberg family.