The  election results for College Council/Faculty Senate  for June 2014 are as follows:


College Council – Appeals Committee, Elected three-year term

Michael Paris – Political Science and Global Affairs (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Prabudh Misra – Mathematics (Science and Technology)


College Council – HEO Steering Committee, Elected three-year term

Mary Murphy – Counseling Center

Warrick Bell – School of Business

Ellen Stark – Academic Affairs

Juline Robinson – Registrar


Faculty Senate – Adjunct Representative, Elected one-year term

John Marinelli – Economics


Faculty Senate – Delegate At-Large – Science & Technology Division, Elected three-year term

Jacqueline LeBlanc – Biology

Tobias Schaefer – Mathematics

Ilya Kofman – Mathematics


Faculty Senate – Delegate At-Large – Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Elected three-year term

John Lawrence – Psychology

Thomas Volscho – Sociology/Anthropology