The Performing and Creative Arts Department (PCA) of the College of Staten Island/CUNY is pleased to announce On the Edge,a group exhibition that will feature are two- and three- dimensional works created during the Spring 2015 semester by graduating and soon-to-graduate seniors. The exhibition be on display in the Student Gallery in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P, Room 118B) and will run from Thursday, May 7 to Thursday, May 28, with an artist reception on Friday, May 8 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. There will also be a closing reception on May 28 from 1:30 to 3:00pm.

The participating students, who will complete their studies with a BA, BS, or BFA degree in Fine Art with the concentration in Studio Art and Photography, are Stephanie Betances, Victoria Hertel, Laura Hollingsworth, Susa Huang, Taylor Keating, Nicole Medina Brian Moore, Brian Ortiz, Elizabeth Peteya, Erika Quaranta, Patrick Serao, Ariana Smith, Caitlin Spinelli, Amy Xie, Lisa Zeng.


-The photographs by Stephanie Betances investigate notions of companionship by exploring personal space. She captures the correlation between faith and comfort.

-Victoria Hertel’s series, i am the remnant is her documentation of the duality of life and death. It’s an interactive photographic piece.

-In the work “A Stranger SpaceLaura Hollingsworth tries to step outside the boundaries of her comfort zone and create a spontaneous yet sincere moment with “strangers” from various parts of her community. Laura is interested in investigating ideas and feelings that we all may have about experiencing a physical interaction with one another. She asks her viewers to contemplate these moments as well as the notions that they may or may not bring forth.

-Susa Huang considers herself as a painter and poet. Her works make one experience the act of daydreaming.

-Taylor Keating’s work focuses on the questioning of what intimacy in a relationship is and how the medium of printmaking corresponds with this notion. She creates other intimate relationships by letting the audience explore her work hands on.

-Nicole Medina’s prints reflect on neglected global and social issues. She feels that beauty is so intently focused on in today’s society that we tend to overlook the more important issues. Her piece “Color in the Problem” welcomes audience participation.

-Brian Moore is a mixed media artist who has interests in varying cultures and religions. His work explores themes of divinity and how these various cultures and beliefs are implemented into his style of creating work in the 21st Century.

-Brian Ortiz’s works explore issues relating to social control. His work plays with the idea of propaganda as a form of manipulation. The work reflects the artist’s own feelings of being controlled in a world filled with advertisements.

-Elizabeth Peteya’s work is about body positivity. There are real women painted, showing their insecurities raw to the world and letting viwers decide what makes them beautiful. Elizabeth just wants women to love the body they are in. 

-Ariana Smith illustrates the alternative outcome of the classic fairytale, robbing it of its promise and its hope. By keeping the beauty of the heroine and replacing the happily ever after with their downfall, she produces a beautiful nightmare.

-Patrick Serao’s work deals with trying to understand the animal instincts within human beings. The animal within is responsible for our survival and safety.

-Caitlin Spinelli, who completed her course work last semester, takes a look at life after college in her new work.

-Lisa Zeng portrays her family in a way that expresses her thoughts and feelings about them. By awkwardly including herself within the frame she questions ideas of belonging.

-Amy Xie uses the line element in a unique approach to create texture and dimension. The intricacy of her abstract subjects often results in a figurative or representational work. Her process derives from automatism.