The upgrade to the campus site lighting was initiated as an Energy Performance Contract with the goal of replacing nearly 1,000 outdoor lamps with new energy-efficient fixtures. An integral part of the contract was to replace old electrical panels with five new lighting control panels covering each of five zones of the campus. Although it was  requested by the College, this project did not include the replacement of failing underground conduits, wiring, and splice boxes. Shortly after completion, the site lighting system started to experience numerous light pole failures due to water and salt leaking into the underground splice boxes and through the broken conduits resulting in shorts and circuit breaker failure.

The Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY) has employed a JOCs (Job Order Contractor) contractor to isolate the faulted circuits, make repairs, or safe off the lines to allow for a maximum number of lights to be returned to service. They have been successful at the Center for the Arts panel and continue to investigate others throughout the Campus. The Library panel has become more problematic. The faulted circuits were not only shutting down the site lighting, but impacting  the entire Library building electric system requiring the site lighting panel to be shut down. We believe that this problem has been corrected; however, we are continuing to experience issues throughout other parts of the Campus.

The contractor is continuing to work to resolve the issues. We will update the College community as necessary.

Should you have any questions please contact my office.