St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School has announced it will be launching a specialized program for its students focused on scientific research. The program will be led by Dr. Sara Guariglia, Dr. Charles Jenkins, and Dr. Christopher Ferrante, all of whom hold Ph. D’s in their respective fields, and will be taught in a newly constructed research facility on Sea’s Campus.

“This is a truly novel program for a forward thinking high school to provide its students,” said Dr. William L’Amoreaux, Professor of Biology at the College of Staten Island and CUNY Graduate Center and Director of the Advanced Imaging Facility at CSI. “An opportunity like this will not only give participants an advantage when applying to college, it will also position them ahead of their peers. Today’s higher education climate encourages student participation in the sciences, and this program is set to deliver a high impact experience to students before enrolling in college.”

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