In December 2014 Christina Tortora published a book with Oxford University Press entitled A Comparative Grammar of Borgomanerese.

The book is a comparative analysis of Borgomanerese (an Italian dialect spoken in the town of Borgomanero, in Piedmont, Italy), comparing the grammar of this dialect with other languages.

“Because my book resulted from years of research in the town of Borgomanero,” Dr. Tortora explains, “and because the people of Borgomanero are very focussed on the importance of their dialect, and of Italian dialects in general, they (i.e., the “Comune”, that is, the Town) invited me to an event, which was organized by the “Fondazione Achille Marazza” (which is the town’s Main Library — like saying the “New York Public Library, Main Branch”). The event was a kind of an “unveiling” of my book. It was a combination of celebration of the book, of the dialect, and of the life of Giuseppe Bacchetta (one of my original informants back in the 1990’s), who passed away last month.”

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