"Washington Monthly" has named CSI to its list of the nation's Best-Bang-for-the-Buck Colleges.

Washington Monthly has named the College of Staten Island (CSI) one of America’s Best-Bang-for-the-Buck Colleges for 2015.

Based on the rankings published in their book The Other College Guide: A Roadmap for the Right School for You, the rankings highlight schools in the Northeast that offer a best value  based on “net” (not sticker) price, how well the institution performed in graduating the students they admit, and whether those students go on to earn at least enough to pay off their loans.

CSI, a senior college of The City University of New York offering Doctorate to Associate degrees, landed at 326th place on the list for college’s in the Northeast.

Washington Monthly claims “The guide ranks schools based on the best available data on what really matters: which schools will charge you a fair price and not bury you in debt? Which help students graduate? Which provide degrees that allow you to earn a decent income? In a system that’s confusing and full of trap doors, The Other College Guide is a source of real information designed to help students navigate the process safely and successfully.”

View the rankings online at WashingtonMonthly.com