Gordon and Lorraine DiPaolo

Since the Willowbrook Campus opened in 1976, the conference room in Building 1A, Room 406 has been home to thousands of meetings, conferences, and events. It has hosted world-renowned academics and public figures. Now, thanks to the generosity of Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo, PhD, a popular Associate Professor of Management who has taught at the College of Staten Island since 1971 (starting at Staten Island Community College), the room will receive much-needed renovations and a new name, The Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo Board Room.

The new fund will provide for upgrades to the microphone system for large meetings, replace aging furniture, and update the kitchen. Once the renovations are completed, the remaining funds will go to the Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo Endowment for the School of Business.

The DiPaolos have been major financial supporters of the College and its students for years, having established a number of scholarships and funds for the School of Business; disabled students; the College, in general; and other critical initiatives.

For their generosity and support, they were honored in 2009 at the First Annual Celestial Ball with President’s Medals. Dr. DiPaolo also received a Dolphin Award this year for Outstanding Service and Contribution to the College by a Member of the Full-Time Faculty.

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