We have completed the first phase of our wireless network upgrade, which included a replacement of system controllers as well as the installation of a new authentication process called ClearPass-SSID. The new authentication process will provide the community access to our CSI wireless network with new enhanced features. Some of these include:

-Accessing the new wireless ClearPass-SSID network using your email credentials; you will no longer need to re-authenticate during the day. We have been beta testing ClearPass-SSID since June.

-The default for login is seven days of idle time, which means if you have not been on campus with your wireless device for seven days, you will have to log back onto the ClearPass-SSID network with your username and password.

-A single user will be able to have two devices on the ClearPass-SSID wireless network. During Phase 1, an individual will be able to have his or her cell phone, iPad, or Mac laptop simultaneously logged in, accessing the Internet with ClearPass-SSID.

The Networking team will be rolling out ClearPass authentication to wireless by building. It is anticipated for the ClearPass upgrade to occur in Building 1A on Thursday, Aug. 27. The Phase 1 rollout will be for all handheld devices (i.e., mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and Mac laptops. ClearPass authentication of laptops with a Windows operating system will occur during Phase 2.

Please refer to the note at the end of this announcement for more information.

How do I authenticate using ClearPass-SSID?

1. Select ClearPass-SSID wireless connection

2. A system dialog login will prompt you to enter your credentials Login using the same credentials as your username and password for email access.

3. You will also be prompted to accept the Trust certificate. Accept the certificate and you will have access to ClearPass-SSID wireless network.

We hope that the ClearPass-SSID wireless network will make it easier to access and use our wireless network. However, with all the new products for wireless that come out on the market everyday not all devices can be supported at this time. Older products and recently released new products may need additional configuration or may not be supported until we have tested and resolved the problem. To ensure that your device can access ClearPass-SSID and take advantage of its features, be sure to update the device with the latest patches or updates if any.

Please Note:

The initial pilot launches with official support for IPhone IOS 8.3 – 8.4, OS X Yosemite, Windows mobile 8 and Android 5.1.1 with additional device and OS will follow. However, if you are using  any Apple product or tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface, you should not experience any issues accessing ClearPass-SSID. If you do have issues accessing ClearPass-SSID with any wireless device, please call the HelpDesk at 718.982.3695 and generate a HelpDdesk ticket. The existing SSID CSI-Wireless will remain active until all phases of the rollout have been completed.