Join us for “Free Speech: You Can’t Say That on Campus…or Can You?” on Tuesday, May 3 in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Lecture Hall at 2:30pm.

CSI, and colleges nationwide, are grappling with issues that test the boundaries of student activism. While nearly everyone professes support of free speech, there is often disagreement on what speech falls outside the Constitution’s protection. This forum is an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue and informed discussion of free speech controversies among students. The event is open to students, faculty, and staff.  

Panelists will include:

Michael Paris – Associate Professor, Political Science and Global Affairs

Rana “RJ” Mohammad – President of Student Government

Jennifer S. Borrero – Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services

Danielle Dimitrov – Chief Diversity Officer

and will consider such topics as:

  • Hate speech vs. offensive speech
  • Civility – Legitimate restraint? Disguise for censorship?
  • Trigger warnings and safe spaces
  • Online speech – The new Wild West?
  • Controversial speakers on campus – Who should be heard and who shouldn’t be?
  • Microaggressions

Everyone is invited to be heard on this important topic.