INCIDENT:   An indecent exposure incident occurring near the rear of the Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R) occurred last evening, Wednesday,Oct. 26. A male in his late teens -to-early 20s exposed himself to females on campus. The reporting persons left the scene without further incident.

SUSPECT: male, late teens to early 20s, approximately 5’8- 5’11” tall with brown hair, wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and black sneakers. The suspect fled the scene on foot toward lot 5. Anyone with information that might aid in the investigation should call the CSI Office of Public Safety at 718.982.2111.


  • Travel in well-lit and populated areas and on designated pathways; avoid short cuts.
  • Travel in groups of two or more (the buddy system), especially at night.
  • Avoid texting while walking.
  • If you must travel alone late at night, call someone at your destination to let them know you are coming and when you expect to arrive. Also, have your route mapped out beforehand. Do not walk around as if you do not know where you are going.
  • Use the blue light Emergency Call boxes located throughout the campus to report emergencies or suspicious persons.
  • Call Public Safety at 718.982.2111 if you need an escort.