The loop road project started, as scheduled, on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Those of you who are on campus this month may have noticed the first phase of work is underway on the east side of campus.

On Monday, Aug. 14, “hook road” that leads to parking lot #1 by Building 2A will be taken out of service. Access to parking lot #1 will be through the administrative loop for both the Faculty/Staff Access Lot and the Student Lot.  Please be cognizant that the direction of traffic through the administrative loop will remain the same. Those wishing to enter parking lot #1 will need to enter loop road by Building 1A and follow the road down to the first stop sign on the 2A side of the loop road. At that stop sign is the normal exit for the Faculty/Staff access lot, which will be used as a temporary entrance and exit for both lots. There will be a Public Safety officer at the temporary entrance to lot #1 directing traffic. We expect this section to be out of service for three weeks.

We appreciate your patience as we complete this work. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Campus Planning at 718.982.3214.