In 2016, CUNY adopted and implemented a new policy concerning reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments in order to ensure that all requests for such accommodations and adjustments from members or prospective members of the University community are reviewed and addressed thoroughly and in accordance with applicable law.

You can find and review the policy online.

The policy outlines how students, prospective students, employees, job applicants, and visitors can request accommodations or academic adjustments and describes the individualized, interactive process that the College will follow in responding to such requests. It also provides a mechanism for appeals of accommodation and academic adjustment decisions. As you will see, the procedures include a process for obtaining accommodations and academic adjustments based on (a) disability, (b) pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition, (c) religion, and (d) status as a victim of domestic violence, sex offense, or stalking.

For questions or guidance related to the procedures for implementing reasonable accommodations. please contact the following offices:

For questions or guidance related to students, please contact:

Center for Student Accessibility
Center for the Arts (Building 1P), Room 101

Faculty, staff, and applicants for employment may contact:

Office of Human Resources
Building 1A, Room 201

For additional questions or concerns about any accessibility accommodations, please contact:

Office of Diversity and Compliance
Building 1A, Room 103