As you know, New York State Law requires that compensating instructional opportunities be provided for all students whenever an instructional day is lost due to weather and/or emergency. Cancellation of classes due to inclement weather on Thursday, Jan. 4 necessitates such special arrangements.

Because the Winter session is so short in duration, of course a single lost day represents considerable lost class time (generally speaking, the rough equivalent of a week); so it would not be appropriate to try to compensate for the lost day in informal ways, such as can be done when a single day of instruction is lost during a regular semester. Therefore, I ask that you work with your students to select one of the following two options to compensate for lost time on Jan. 4:

  1. Schedule an additional day of class on a Saturday during the Winter session, or
  2. Schedule an additional day of class on Wednesday, Jan. 24.

Thank you for your attention to this requirement. Please communicate with your students as soon as possible concerning to the arrangements applicable to your class(es).

Finally, please notify both the Registrar’s Office and the Dean of your School/Division as to the arrangements that have been made for your class(es).