We have two more areas of drainage work remaining as part of the Loop Road Construction project. Both of these will require traffic interruptions.

Three-Way Stop: The first area is at the three-way stop near the Victory Blvd entrance. The work will involve the outbound lane, requiring us to close those lanes to traffic for two days. The work is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, Jan. 18 and 19. In the online map, you will see how traffic will be detoured, converting the inbound lane to two-way traffic. There will be orange barrels and lane dividers as well as construction workers directing traffic. Please be aware and use extra caution when traveling through the Victory Blvd. gate area.

Children’s Center (Building 2R): The second area is between parking lot #4 and the Children’s Center. This work will require this section of road to be closed. The roundabout drop-off to the Children’s Center and parking lot #5 will still be accessible from the north, but anyone entering campus from the back gate will need to circle around the west side of campus to access the Children’s Center or Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R). This work is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 22 and 23.

Loop Bus: This work will require us to make some temporary changes to the Loop Bus service. On Thursday and Friday, Jan. 18 and 19, the Loop Bus will not be able to stop at Victory Blvd, but we will be adding a stop in parking lot #6 by the track. In addition, we will be able to open up the full Loop Bus route for these two days. The bus stops during this time are marked on the online map.

After these last two sections, we anticipate that weather will require the work to be suspended until the spring. The work stoppage will allow us to open up the campus to the full route of the Loop Bus.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this project. For questions regarding parking fees, violations, or regulations, please call Parking Services at 718.982.2294. For questions regarding transportation, including the Loop Bus, MTA buses, Access-A-Ride, and the Ferry Shuttle, please contact Operational Services at 718.982.3220. For questions regarding the Loop Road construction project, pleasecall Campus Planning at 718.982.3214.