You might have students in your classes who are being served by our CUNY/EDGE program.

Over the past year, CUNY EDGE (formerly the COPE Program) has expanded its support services, providing one-on-one advising, personal development seminars, work-study opportunities, and career development services to more than 4,000 students across 18 campuses. As we start the Spring 2018 semester, CUNY EDGE, in partnership with the New York City Human Resources Administration, serves matriculated CUNY students receiving public assistance benefits emphasizing college retention, academic excellence, and timely graduation.

While we continue these efforts, we still have a responsibility to report class attendance throughout the semester for students who opt to participate in the program. The online schedule outlines attendance verification activities for the Spring 2018 semester, with the first submission due Monday, Mar. 12. Faculty and instructors should make special note of the due dates to electronically submit the attendance rosters.

The Central Office and campus program staff (at CSI: Harriet Giapoutzis at will contact faculty members directly to provide detailed instructions about the attendance procedures. This is an important initiative that impacts many individuals.

EDGE has made several changes to this attendance process based on recommendations from faculty and would welcome additional feedback.

Thank you much for participating and helping our students.