The Office of Communications and Marketing would like to help promote your upcoming events and report on your newsworthy events that have already taken place.

Promote your upcoming events on the CSI/CUNY Calendar of Events:

This calendar informs members of the CSI and CUNY communities, as well as the general public, of any upcoming events at CSI, and it’s a great way to boost attendance. In order to submit an event to the Calendar, simply go to the CSI Events Calendar and click on “Submit an Event” on the left of the screen below the list of CUNY colleges and the search engine. Once the event is submitted, the Calendar editor will review it and add it to the online Calendar.

If you have any questions about this process, please call Terry Mares at 718.982.2428.

Inform the world about newsworthy events and group or individual achievements that have taken place in your department or office with CSI Today:

The College of Staten Island continues to garner recognition for its exceptional achievements, programs, and events. In an effort to inform the news media and the general public about CSI’s many accomplishments, the Office of Communications and Marketing hosts the CSI Today Website, which publishes articles on noteworthy events, student and faculty achievements, and alumni news. We encourage you to submit relevant articles on these topics to Terry Mares at

All articles will require a minimum 14-day notice in advance of expected publication date, and include a high-resolution photograph, which is suitable to accompany the article. We may edit your submission for style and clarity.


Remember, the Office of Communications and Marketing is a valuable resource for informing our worldwide audience of your events and achievements. Thank you for the opportunity to help us promote CSI.