INROADS is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that gives high-potential future executives from culturally, ethnically and economically diverse backgrounds an advantage: unparalleled networking opportunities with career-minded peers, year-round professional coaching and guidance from managers, and professional development management training that includes career-related paid internships with some of the nation’s top organizations.

Go online for more information about the INROADS program.

Before students apply, please ensure that they meet the requirements below:

Minimum Academic Requirements:
1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative college grade point average

2. A graduation date of December 2018 or later

3. Career interest in Business (all concentrations), Engineering (STEM), Computers and Information Sciences, Sales, Marketing, Healthcare Management or Retail Management, Finance, Accounting, Banking, and more

4. Full-time undergraduate attending an accredited Four-Year College/University

5. Apply online

6. Upload the most recent transcript and current résumé

First-semester freshman are exempt from submitting a transcript.

If you know a college undergraduate who meets the requirements above, direct them to go online to apply.

Feel free to contact me with questions.