The World On Wednesday Lecture Series presents “Shea Agroforestry Parklands: Distribution, Management and Threats,” with Peter Lovett, Shea Ecology Expert, on Wednesday, Oct. 10 in the Campus Center (1C), Room 211 from 12:20pm-1:10pm.

Dr. Lovett, a savannah parkland specialist, will share his expertise on shea ecology. The shea tree is indigenous to Africa and has been managed for millennia in agroforestry parkland systems across the Sahel-Savannah. The tree produces a fruit from which shea butter is extracted. Shea butter is a staple edible oil in Africa and is also commonly used internationally in cosmetics and as an ingredient in cocoa butter alternatives in the manufacture of chocolate. Come and learn about this amazing natural ingredient that provides an important income source for many African women and their families.