The Core 100 program invites students and faculty from the College to join us for our weekly lecture series. Each week, all of the first-year students participate in lecture-discussions with about 400 of their classmates. We have space in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Williamson Theatre to accommodate individual guests and can have as many as two additional classes at each of the lectures. No permission is needed for classes to attend, but please notify Donna Scimeca (718.982.3405) if you plan to bring a class.

The lectures are 50 minutes and are all in the Williamson Theatre. They meet on the following days/times: Wednesdays at 11:15am; on Thursdays at 8:00am, 10:10am, 4:40pm, and 6:30pm; and on Saturdays at 10:10am in Building 1P, Room 119.

The focus of the Core Lecture Series this semester will be to directly link the program’s curriculum to current events.

The Lecture Series Schedule for the Week of Mar.18, 2019 

Wednesday, Mar. 20:

-11:15am: Corelandia, presented by Victor Miller and Faculty

Last week, it was revealed that the river had dried up and that Corelandia was facing a drought. But have no fear, the new government stepped up and passed two laws dealing with the situation. The architects were contracted to begin planning and digging wells to find water. However, the issue of a sabotage to the river has not been investigated. Also, the media are questioning why they were shut out of government meetings. In the private sector, the architects agreed to build a hospital for the medical union in exchange for lifetime healthcare. The teachers and architects are also working out a deal. This week, we will announce the candidates for monarch. Also, it has been reported that many Corelandians are going to the doctors with a new disease. Come on out this week to see how Corelandians will solve these pressing issues.

Victor Miller earned a BA in History at the College of Staten Island in 2005 and an MS in Adolescent Education in 2008. He has been an Adjunct of Core 100 since February 2012 and currently also works in the Center for Advising and Academic Success. Victor is the of author of the “Summer of ’87” Reacting to the Past classroom simulation and also recently served on the Core 100 textbook editing committee.

Thursday, Mar. 21:

-8:00am: “College Admissions Policy,” presented by Rosemary McCall

Scholarship, scholarships, and a little help from my friends… This lecture will discuss the recent college admissions scandal, the Bakke case, and other schemes to gain admission into the higher halls of education. We’ll discuss what the serious college student should know about gaining a seat (and ultimately a piece of velum) from a prestigious college or university.

Rosemary McCall is a graduate of Brooklyn College, CUNY. She holds advanced degrees from University of South Carolina and GWU National Law Center.

-10:10am: :LGBTQ Rights Today,” presented by Jeremiah Jurkiewicz

There is much more to LGBTQ Rights than marriage equality. This lecture will explore the current rights for which the community is advocating, the barriers they face, and the successes made in the United States.

Jeremiah Jurkiewicz is the LGBTQ Resource Center/Pluralism & Diversity Coordinator, part of the Office of Student Life. Jeremiah is a graduate of the College of Staten Island  (2012) with a degree in Dramatic Arts and a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

-4:40pm: “The Trump Administration Foreign Policy,” presented by Robert Young

This lecture will provide an examination of the foreign policy in the first two years of the Trump Administration, with a specific emphasis on how it deviates from previous presidents.

Robert Young earned his PhD in Military/Modern European History from The Graduate Center, CUNY and has been teaching Core 100 since 1998.

-6:30pm: “Healthcare Policy,” presented by Anthony Casella

This lecture will take a look at the evolution of our healthcare system and analyze how well it provides healthcare (doctor visits, hospitalization, and access to affordable medication) to our citizens. The lecture seeks to engage the audience to weigh the pros and cons of a market-driven healthcare system to that of a “single payer” (government-run) healthcare system.

Anthony Casella has been a member of the Core faculty since 2009. He received both a BA in History and an MS in Science in Education from St. John’s University. Professor Casella also received an MA in Administration and Supervision from CSI/CUNY.  He is currently an Assistant Principal at PS 25R South Richmond HS on Staten Island.